Gearing up for Clearing

Here in the Digital Marketing Team, we don't just concentrate on improving our website. We also take responsibility for setting in motion all of our Digital Marketing Campaigns and look after the University-wide social media provision.

This week we'll be taking part in a very significant event in the Higher Education calendar... Clearing! This really kicks into gear immediately after exam results are published (this year that'll be Thursday 16th August). Clearing helps applicants who have not secured a place at university or college, for whatever reason, to find vacancies on higher education courses. We'll all be banding together to make sure we offer the best service possible to students wanting information on joining our courses in September.

Posters depicting our three key messages
Our Marketing campaign this year focusses on three simple, key messages - the job opportunities available to graduates, the financial support and our great facilities. The print advertising we'll be running across the county is quite minimalist and aims to direct people at our website - and here's where we come in! The Clearing section of our site contains all the information students need to get in touch with us and we'll be updating it daily with key content. This will include: an up to date list of the courses we're still recruiting for, FAQs and links to our accommodation and campus tour pages. We'll then feature new interviews each day with students who have come through Clearing themselves, like this one:

We're also running extensive UCAS, Facebook, Student Room and Google AdWords campaigns as well as a Spotify audio advert so I'm sure you'll see us somewhere online in the next week!

We'd like to encoarage all potential students to also speak to us via our Twitter feed which we're relaying into our Clearing room via the great little online tool Visible Tweets. This will keep our operators up to date with what's going on.

Of course, the great thing about Digital Marketing is how easy it is to track, and this year we're really stepping up a gear. I'll be providing daily reports of the digital and print campaign's effectiveness. This in itself is a massive project, so will no doubt have a Blog post of it's own in the very near future. In the meantime, all the best for those of you who are getting your results on Thursday. Remember, we're here waiting to talk you through your options and next steps!
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